02 Jul 2024

Call for help for Barbara Nagy!

FITEQ stands by Teqball player Barbara Nagy: A call for solidarity and support

The International Federation of Teqball  (FITEQ) together with you helps Barbara Nagy who was diagnosed with brain tumor.

Teqball's governing body has long been committed to promoting the values of family and togetherness within the Teqball community.

Today, these values are more crucial than ever as we rally to support one of our own. Barbara Nagy, a shining star in Hungarian Teqball who proudly secured a bronze medal at the Hungarian Championship in Zalaegerszeg a few years ago, is facing a monumental challenge off the Teqball table.


In 2021, Barbara was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Despite her relentless fighting spirit, the medical options available in Hungary have been exhausted, leaving her in a precarious situation. However, a beacon of hope has emerged in Germany. There, a cutting-edge treatment offers a promising chance to treat Barbara’s condition, but it comes with a hefty price tag of €126,000—a sum far beyond the reach of Barbara and her family.


In response to this urgent need, FITEQ is spearheading an online fundraising campaign to raise the necessary funds for Barbara’s treatment. Demonstrating their commitment to the cause, FITEQ has already made a generous initial contribution of €2,500. 


Now, we turn to the global Teqball family—players, fans, and supporters alike—to join us in this crucial endeavor. Every contribution, regardless of its size, brings Barbara one step closer to receiving the life-saving treatment she desperately needs.


Barbara has shown immense strength and determination at the Teqball table. It is now our turn to show her that the Teqball community stands strong beside her, offering unwavering support and solidarity. Let us come together to demonstrate that the spirit of Teqball extends far beyond the sport itself.


To contribute to Barbara’s treatment fund, please donate through the following link.


Together, we can make a difference. Let’s unite to help Barbara and show that the Teqball family is always there for one another.