29 Jan 2021

Teqball Zimbabwe Update

Teqball Zimbabwe Update


Due to the increase in the infection cases of Covid 19, the Sport and Recreation Commission has released the following statement;

"In light of the additional lockdown measures announces this 2nd January 2021 by the Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe - Hon (Rtd) General Dr C. G. D. N. Chiwenga, who is also responsible for the Ministry of Health and Child Care, The Sport and Recreation Commision in consultation with the Ministry of Youth, Sport Arts and Recreation, Hon. Dr K. L. Coventry, has suspended ALL sporting activities in Zimbabwe, subject to review on the 31st of January, 2021. Violation of this directive will be procecuted".

Lets all UNITE and fight this Pandemic together. 

Mask-Up; Sanitise, Mantain Social Distance or Stay at Home.