Hungarian National Teqball Federation elects György Gattyán Sr as first-ever President

Hungarian National Teqball Federation elects György Gattyán Sr as first-ever President

The Hungarian Teqball Federation has elected György Gattyán Sr as its first-ever President. The election was held after the national federation was officially established under Hungarian law on 27 June, with Péter Veres elected Vice-President and the Executive Board also formed.

As the birth place of teqball, Hungary has an extensive existing club network in place, which has been at the heart of the sport’s development and rapid national growth in recent years. The Phoenix Teqball Academy, the country’s biggest club and home to World Champions Csaba Bányik and Ádám Blázsovics, cooperated with the other 11 professional Hungarian teqball clubs to help form the official National Federation.

The governing body will be integral to teqball’s growth locally in Hungary, as well as internationally. The structure of the federation will help lead the way for the hundreds of registered teqball players in Hungary. It will also be central to the organisation of competitions and a league system in the country.

FITEQ President Gábor Borsányi, Chairman Viktor Huszár, Vice-President György Gattyán and General Secretary Marius Vizer Jr were in attendance at the inauguration of the federation, which took place in Budapest. The Hungarian Teqball Federation Charter was also adopted following the elections of the President and Vice President. Representatives from the 12 teqball clubs, which are now members of the national federation, voted in the elections.

FITEQ President Gábor Borsányi gave a welcome speech at the inauguration, saying:

“This moment, today is an incredibly important milestone for all of us, since we all know that Teqball is a 100% Hungarian sport. Although by now, Teqball became an internationally known sport innovation, we are still proud Hungarians and we adhere to our roots: One should always stick to its roots since without roots, nothing can grow or develop.

The operation of the Hungarian Teqball Federation will not be easy, as other countries are already looking at Hungarians as role models in the sport. This puts a lot of pressure on the country, but it also presents great opportunities. The Federation’s new President, Mr Gattyán Sr, is known for his will to act, and we know that will to act always presents solutions. This is why I am confident in the Hungarian Teqball Federation’s success. Both the International and the Hungarian Teqball Federations aim to create value through sport, and I would like to wish for this value creation health, perseverance, strength and above all, the best of luck!”

Newly-elected President György Gattyán Sr, father of teqball co-founder and FITEQ Vice-President György Gattyán, said:

“Before the forming of the Hungarian Teqball Federation, the Phoenix Teqball Academy has worked tirelessly to establish competing teqball clubs throughout the country. However, until now, these clubs did not have a governing federation that led the way and I am very happy that together with the newly elected officials in the federation we can contribute to the fast and efficient development of the sport in Hungary.”

29 Jun 2020