Corsica is Teq! French passion for teqball reaches the beaches of Ajaccio

Corsica is Teq! French passion for teqball reaches the beaches of Ajaccio

Teqball has grown rapidly in France over the past few years, with the sport’s journey now reaching the island of Corsica. In the midst of summer, Teq tables have become a common feature on the dazzling beaches of Ajaccio, drawing in players of all ages and abilities. 

Players flock to the golden sands every day to practice their teqball skills and enjoy the sport with their friends. However, what started as a recreational activity is also quickly becoming a competitive sport on the island. There have been several tournaments organised by the French Teqball Federation, helping provide a pathway for the island’s best players to become stars of the sport.

At the heart of making teqball a well-structured sport in France is Jawad El Hajri. The former professional footballer is a founding member of FITEQ and is the current President of the French Teqball Federation. Reflecting on the rise of teqball in Corsica, he said:

“In many ways, the popularity of teqball in Corsica perfectly summarises the global potential of this exciting sport. The growth of teqball has been very organic, which is true for the growth of teqball all over the world. It’s been very rewarding to see the sport grow so naturally in Corsica, and once we saw this passion for teqball on the island, it made a lot of sense for the French Teqball Federation to help formalise the sport by organising tournaments. There are some very talented players in Corsica and our job is to help give them the opportunities to show this on a national and international stage. I can’t say I’m too surprised by how fast teqball has grown here; after all, with a setting like the one on the beaches of Ajaccio, what is not to love!”

24 Jul 2020