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Teqball is a football-based sport, played on a specially-curved table (the Teq table), which is attracting a new generation of athletes and amateur enthusiasts (teqers), whose ambition is to develop their technical skills, concentration and stamina. The sport, which was created in Hungary in 2012 is a truly gender-equitable game, as the rules define that teqball shall be played between two (singles) or four players (doubles), irrespective of gender. The sport follows a points-based scoring format and can be played on various surfaces such as sand, acrylic or indoors. Teqball allows players a maximum of three touches before returning the ball to the opponent, so if you can juggle a football three times, you will excel at teqball as well. Teqball is the purest use of a football, with the rule of no physical contact allowed between the players, or between the players and the table, helping eliminate the risk of impact injuries.

In numbers

  • Estimated 4500 players in more than 100 countries
  • 118 established National Federations 
  • Over 2000 clubs all around the world 
  • More than 1700 FITEQ trained referees
  • 3 World Championships organised (2017, 2018, 2019)
  • Sport recognised by 2 Continental Olympic Associations (OCA, ANOCA) 
  • GAISF Full Member Status

Main Rules of Teqball

  • Teqball can be played with balls used in football, with size five being official and recommended.
  • Teqball can be played by two players (singles game) or by four players (doubles game).
  • Teqball follows a points-based scoring format and is played over a best of three sets, with each set played until a player/team reaches 12 points.
  • The final decisive set must be won by at least a two-point margin.
  • Players must switch sides after each set and the time between two sets must not exceed one minute.
  • In the final decisive set players/teams switch sides at 6/12/18 points reached by the leading team.
  • Points are started with a service, with the player/team having two attempts to complete a successful service.
  • Once the point is in play, the ball must be returned to the opponent’s side onto the table by touching it a maximum of three times (hands and arms cannot be used).
  • In doubles, both players on the team must touch the ball before it is returned.
  • The ball cannot be touched by the same body part consecutively.
  • A player/team cannot return the ball with the same body part consecutively.
  • In the case of an edgeball, the point is to be repeated.
  • Players/teams change service after every four points.
  • While playing, neither the table nor the opponent can be touched.


For the detailed description of the rules, please check the following links: 

Official Rules and Regulations of Teqball

Official Rules and Regulations of Beach Teqball


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FITEQ delegation attends 30th Economic Forum in Karpacz

An International Teqball Federation (FITEQ) delegation attended the 30th Economic Forum in Karpacz (7-9 September), which gathered political and economic leaders from across…


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Teqball India collaborates with No Food Waste in community support programme

FITEQ congratulates Teqball India for its efforts to use sport to positively affect society, in particular its programme that jointly tackled hunger in poorer communities.


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FITEQ aiming to inspire future generation of teqers in England’s most successful football cities

Teqball promotional events were held in Liverpool and Manchester this week, with the aim of engaging the future generation in the world’s fastest growing sport.


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Data shows value of a successful first service in teqball

A quantitative study led by data experts in the FITEQ education team has analysed the impact of the service in teqball doubles on the outcome of a rally.


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Banyik returns to top of doubles World Ranking

Hungary’s Csaba Banyik has risen to the top of the FITEQ doubles World Ranking, overtaking his long-term partner and fellow 2019 world champion Adam Blazsovics.


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Home favourite Gyorgydeak wins gold in Romania’s first Challenger Cup

Romania hosted its first Challenger Cup on 28-29 August in Jidvei, with stars from Hungary, North Macedonia, Serbia, Tunisia and the host country competing in singles and doubles.


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Peruvian Teqball Sports Association President elected National Olympic Committee President

Peruvian Teqball Sports Association (PTSE) President Renzo Vitto Fabrizio Manyari Velazco has been elected as President of the Peruvian Olympic Committee.


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International Olympic Committee announces passing of Count Jacques Rogge

FITEQ was saddened to hear of the passing of former International Olympic Committee (IOC) President and Honorary President Count Jacques Rogge.


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Thousands of young athletes join the Teqball movement in Peru

Since July 2021, teqball has been introduced as part of a programme called “Sporty Sundays”, which provides the 300,000 people in the Lima district of Santiago de Surco.


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Hungarian Challenger Cups highlight success of FITEQ referee training courses

Graduates of a recent referee training programme, organised by FITEQ in collaboration with the Hungarian Teqball Federation, were appointed as officials in last weekend’s…


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Blazsovics secures three Challenger Cup titles in memorable week of teqball events

Singles and doubles World Number 1 Adam Blazsovics (Hungary) dominated the Hungarian Challenger Cups in Balatonfured (20-21 August) and Eger (22 August) last week.


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Teqball action set to take place around the world this weekend

Another exciting round of teqball matches are set to place this weekend, with Challenger Cup and National Challenger Series events to be held around the world.


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FITEQ family invited to attend online ITA Webinar

The International Testing Agency (ITA) will host an online webinar on 25 August, focused on nutrition and dietary supplements in the context of anti-doping.


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FITEQ drives sport development and diplomacy in Kosovo

The International Teqball Federation (FITEQ) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hungary donated Teq tables to the Municipalities of Prizren and Prishtina.


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Para teqball introduced to Slovakia at country’s Olympic Festival

The Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee is one of a number of National Olympic Committees running an Olympic Festival to coincide with the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.