Our Values


On and off the court, respect is a central value of FITEQ. Respect for the game, diversity, players, opponents, officials and supporters underpins the essence of FITEQ. As players are at the centre of the game, their health and welfare needs to be respected. FITEQ is administered by a wide range of people, so it is essential that a collaborative dynamic is created which is respectful of everyone involved in the game. Acknowledgement and appreciation of diversity is encouraged across the Federation.


In all dealings FITEQ strives for equity, consistency and fairness in the treatment of others and in decision-making. FITEQ will deliver competitions under the laws of teqball in an honest and transparent manner and be accountable to all members of the Federation.


Teqball brings out a passion in people and FITEQ will encourage and nurture this passion in players, supporters and administrators so that it impacts the game and all involved in a positive manner.


Only sports which are fully inclusive can be embraced globally and FITEQ is committed to ensuring teqball is available to all levels and abilities throughout the world.


Ambition is the earnest desire of achievement and FITEQ embraces this and aims to help members achieve all their ambitions, irrelevant of size or importance.