What we do

We drive the ambitions of teqball and para teqball, believing that the sport inspire people of any age, ability, gender or culture. Our dedicated team aims to offer youthful and innovative sporting activities with competitive spirit in mind.

Set against recent accomplishments, FITEQ seeks to continue to grow and develop teqball globally by expanding its National Federation framework and its competition portfolio at a rapid pace, with specific focus on teqball becoming an Olympic sport. FITEQ is primed for action and is looking forward to an exciting future built on great optimism, great ambitions and great partnerships.

FITEQ is responsible for:

  • government and management of teqball at the international level;
  • development and promotion of teqball globally
  • the codification of the official rules and regulations of teqball;
  • supporting the establishment of National Federations;
  • education and development of athletes, coaches and technical officials;
  • sanctioning national and international competitions and events;
  • establishing and maintaining world-ranking statistics;
  • governance, management and development of para teqball.