Recaptured crown in women's doubles

The second month of 2023 was quite calm compare to the previous and the upcoming ones, however the tournament in Los Angeles, where only doubles competed, the two-time world champion, Csaba Bányik won in two categories however not only his glory caused changes in the world ranking.

As Carolyn Greco & Margaret Osmundson kept the trophy home again just like in January in women’s doubles, they re-took the throne from Lea Vasas and Zsanett Janicsek. The runners-up pair in the city of angels, Amelie Julian and Gabriella Kota both jumped ahead. While the French teqer is now the 17th by improving six spots, the winner of European Teqball Tour in Budapest last year in the same category overtook two opponents.

As Csaba Bányik triumphed alongside with Julian in LA among mixed doubles, instead his usual sidekick Janicsek, leads the ranking alone. The Vasas & Bakó team did not compete in the second USA Teqball Tour of 2023, the difference increased between the twosomes.

Although three-time world champion Nikola Mitro teamed up with Ádám Blázsovics in men’s doubles, which created the most crowned couple in the history of Teqball world championships, counting seven golden medals altogether, they came short against Csaba Bányik & Balázs Katz. Yet Mitro with his silver is leading now the list.

With their bronze medal, Mátyás Odnoga and his fellow mate Bence Forgács climbed up eight and six places. One of their opponents at the battle of third place was the Brazilian Leonardo Santana, who found consolation in the world ranking where he jumped up six positions to the 31st.

The Teqball world ranking list refreshed after each month when the gained points will be added while the credits came later than two years will be taken away.

08 Mar 2023