09 Feb 2024

FITEQ's education calendar is set for 2024

The governing body of Teqball continues its path to develop its more than 150 national federations.

FITEQ started to educate the national federations last year with the presentation of the brand-new NF Impact Forum. In 2024, the campaign continues to cover different areas of the sports industry.

In January, with Dr. Donald Rukare, FITEQ's NF Impact Forum continued to help the national federations. With eleven more occasions, the whole education calendar is for 2024.

In February the topic will be Admin Platform Introduction by FITEQ's National Federation Development Officer, Ms. Nikoletta Kázmér. Then, in the upcoming month Mr. Barnabás Németh, Sports Data Manager, and Mr. Ádám Marosvári, Competition Manager present the updated event, world ranking, and world championships qualifier policies. 

In the second quarter of the year sponsorship and governance and leadership will be the topics. The first is by Mr. Raphael Chen, Head of Partnerships, while the latter is by Dr. Donald Rukare. The International Testing Agency will also hold five events, especially for the world of Teqball.

In Q3, ITA's Education Ambassador will present a two-day event education at the World Teqball Championships.

2024 finishes with one more webinar by ITA.

"As part of our regular operations, we are keen to further develop our education calendar and thus support the National Federations all around the world to grow, to enable compliance with anti-doping and governance matters, and to achieve their goals step by step." highlights Ms. Réka Reichard, Sports Development Manager. "During the recent seminar, Dr. Rukare raised the importance of Safeguarding, something that we all have to treat with high priority and action on a national level as well. The Impact Forum has a growing success and FITEQ will keep a focus on these events counting on NFs to not only participate but propose topics of general interest.