02 Jul 2024

WR - Greco is 2nd while the next generation is already knocking on the door

Young talents reached the top 10 of FITEQ World Rankings after the turbulent month of July.

After one of the busiest months of FITEQ's history, the World Rankings shook up a bit, and the top 50 in each category experienced huge leaps.

In 2024 as the new World Ranking policies influence not only the international events but the domestic ones too, players can collect WR points even on the tier 5 tournaments. On the other hand, with the currently implemented categorisation which debuted in Madrid, at FITEQ's 250th international tournament, the super-busy June brought surprises to the Teq table.

With two Category 5 events: OSIR Kobylka Teqball Cup III and WTCH Qualifier - Hungary - Round 3 and additionally three Category 3 events: Teqball World Series Quy Nhon as the first one in Asia and Teqball World Series Tulsa another historic event in the American continent and Teqball Tour Grindsted which closed summer's first month, the Teqball athletes had plenty of chances to showcase their skills.

In women's singles, Amelia Julian (FRA) took over Krisztina Acs (HUN) and owns now the 6th place as the only move in the top10 after her silver medal in Grindsted. The German Nelly Wilke is one of the biggest gainers after moving ahead 11 spots to the 21th with her 5th place in Denmark. World champion silver medallist in women's doubles, Nora Vicsek started to show her potential in singles too as she also finished 5th in the very first international Teqball event in the Scandinavian country and leapfrogged 14 positions to the 26th.

The top of the men's singles World Ranking stayed almost unchanged, however the 18-year-old Polish prodigy, Marek Pokwap gathered two bronze medals (Quy Nhon, Grindsted) and reached the best 10 for the first time in his career. Szabolcs Ilyes (ROU) surprised everyone in Vietnam and the 5th place earned him 39 spots to the 44th. 

Meet the new WR nr. 2,  Carolyn Greco.

The American world champion, Carolyn Greco is now only a few hundred points behind the leader Zsanett Janicsek (HUN) in women's doubles. With her silver medal from Tulsa along with Kinga Barabasi as her partner, she owns the podium's second step. The "Tulsa Queens" became the Brazilians Ester Viana Mendes/Vania Moraes da Cruz. The former took over Margaret Osmundson's place at the 6th, while Acs closed the gap to the American at the 8th position after their triumph with Gabriella Kota in Grindsted. The Danish duo Mira Faeno Dahlmann/Nanna Lind  Kristensen made clear to their opponents on home soil that they have huge potential after the bronze medal which earned them both 11 places to the 37th. The biggest jump was made by Patricia Mayara Nardy (BRA) at the top 50 after she reached the semifinal but lost in the "oil capital of the world". Her performance in the states caused 21-position-evolvement, thus she broke into the first half of the hundred best women's doubles athletes.

After winning the Thai final with Boonkoom Tipwong against Sorrasak Thaosiri/Jirati Chanliang, Phakpong Dejaroen became the first male player from the "land of smiles" in the top 10 of any World Ranking. Chanliang and Thaosiri also benefited from their achievement in Quy Nhon in men's doubles. While Chanliang jumped ahead 15 spots, Thaosiri 22. The silver medallist duo is now at the 30th and 33th positions. Gergo Dombai (HUN) bettered his placement by 11 to the 42th after finishing 5th both in Grindsted and at the WTCH 2024 - Hungary - Round 3.

Acs is now the 5th in mixed doubles after the victory in Vietnam and the bronze medal in Denmark. With reverse results (1st in Grindsted, 3rd in Quy Nhon) Balazs Katz/Gabriella Kota (HUN) both moved ahead. Katz is the 7th while Kota breached the top 10 by reaching the 9th place. Jutatip Kuntatong (THA) paired up with Chanliang in Vietnam and finished third which boosted their position in the World Ranking. Women's singles world champion runner-up from 2022 is now the 46th after 19 position changes and Chanliang is at 44th with 14 spots of jumping ahead. Bogdan Marojevic (SRB) and Viana Mendes was the only double to force the category's winner in Tulsa, Gyorgydeak/Barabasi (ROU) to three sets but failed to advance to the final. Their bronze medal meant 7 places for the three-time world champion in men's doubles and Marojevic is now at the 29th.

In July, FITEQ's top flight continues in Qingdao with the Teqball World Series while other international events will also take place: Presov Teqball Cup on July 13, King & Queen of the Table on July 13 & 14, and Zilina Teqball Open on July 20. The national qualifiers continue as well and can be followed here.

The FITEQ World Ranking list is refreshed after each month when the gained points will be added while the credits that came later than two years will be taken away.