Para teqball

The purpose of the para teqball classification is to provide a structure for the sport by determining which athletes are eligible to compete in elite level events. In doing so, FITEQ is able to ensure parity and equal opportunity. There are two para teqball classes: Para Teqball Sport Class 1 (PTBSC 1), which is for athletes permanently requiring the use of crutches, and Para Teqball Sport Class 2 (PTBSC 2), which is for athletes with a prosthesis.

Prior to elite level events, athletes will be required to complete a classification examination. This will be performed by a Classification Panel, comprising of two medical experts. The examination will seek to ascertain whether athletes meet the eligibility criteria, before grouping the athletes into the relevant class. Any athlete that is ruled ineligible by the panel will have the right to appeal the decision.

Ultimately, FITEQ intends to expand on the initial para teqball classification, so that as many people as possible can compete in elite events. However, as a starting point, FITEQ believes that creating PTBSC 1 and PTBSC 2 will contribute to a culture of equality and inclusion at elite and grassroots levels, whereby teqball and para teqball players can enjoy the teqball movement together.