19 Mar 2023

Supreme performance from Hungary in Madrid

With two trophies, two-time world champion Banyik led the Hungarian team which took 12 medals out of 15.

With two trophies, two-time world champion Banyik led the Hungarian team at the very first FITEQ tournament in Madrid where 12 out of 15 medals were taken by the country’s athletes where Teqball was created 10 years ago.

In five categories, with record breaking numbers of participants, 179 teqers faced each other from 31 countries in the capitol of Spain during the four-days event.

World champion of women’s singles in 2021 and runner-up in the following year Anna Izsak stopped Rita Mitri, one of the biggest surprises in Madrid in the semi-finals. Her opponent in the final was Krisztina Acs. According to the players and their positions at the World Ranking the golden match was paper form in the city of bear and strawberry as Acs owns the fourth place while Izsak leads the list.

In the closing bout after the one sided first set, Acs tried to jump back and have the momentum, however Izsak was always one step ahead and won her first trophy in 2023.

“Although yesterday my form was not the best I reached the final. I had the wished performance in the golden match and won the game which makes me super happy as I represent the Puskas Akademia FC, and in Madrid, people know who Ferenc Puskas was.” – highlighted Izsak.

Women’s singles final

Anna Izsak (HUN) –Krisztina Acs (HUN) 2:0 (-5,-9)

The Romanian Rita Mitri from the 42nd World Ranking position reached the fourth place as the French Amelie Julian handled her in two very tight sets. This bronze medal is Julian’s first in singles in this season.

Dream final came together among men’s singles as current world champion Apor Gyorgydeak and four-time world champion Adam Blazsovics advanced to it. At the first event of FITEQ’s busiest calendar ever in Skopje, the Hungarian teqer won against the World Ranking leader Romanian in three sets.

This time, Gyorgydeak took the first set and in spite of Blazso’s – nickname of the record champion – strong counterattacks after the timeout in the second period, the Szekler did not let him turn the tide and sat on the throne of men’s singles which is also his first single title in 2023.

“I really needed this victory, thus I prepared a lot and I hope that I can repeat the success in Podgorica. I did not have this new trophy yet, so it already has a special place in my collection.” – said the latest world champion of this category.

Men’s singles final

Apor Gyorgydeak (ROU) – Adam Blazsovics (HUN) 2:0 (-11,-9)

Balazs Katz after the bronze medal in Budapest last season, triumphed again at the match for the third position in two sets confidently over his fellow opponent Martin Csereklye.

The dynamic Hungarian duo Pechy Petra and Nora Vicsek put the bar high up in Dubai at the very first Teqball event in the Middle East with their bronze medals, however in Madrid they even went further and reached the finals. Among their wins, they beat this tournament’s heavy favourites, the category’s latest world champions Vasas/Janicsek.

In the final Kinga Barabasi & Katalin Dako awaited. The Romanian pair arrived to the golden game with clean sheet, yet they could not continue their great performance as Vicsek’s great defence turned into Pechy’s powerful attacks and Dako/Barabasi lost in two.

“I still did not process our achievement. In Nora, I have the best partner possible. We both think that we are better together and complete each other on a world-class level. Despite our latest accomplishments none of us thought that we will win here in Madrid, thus I have no idea how we are going to celebrate with this amazing trophy.” – expressed her feelings Pechy.   

Women’s doubles final

Vicsek/Pechy (HUN) – Barabasi/Dako (ROU) 2:0 (-9,-3)

Vasas/Janicsek earned their consolation prize and got the bronze medal against Chedid/Dandal from Lebanon.

Krisztina Acs returned to the table as she competed in women’s singles final and finished with silver medal. His partner, the “King of smashes” – nickname of Csaba Banyik also had two games at the final day, but the mixed doubles was his first.

The double qualified to the golden bout without any single loss set, as well as their challengers, the category’s world champions Lea Vasas/Adam Bako who stayed unbeaten for six events until the fiasco in Dubai.

With Banyik’s unstoppable attacks and huge aces, the twosome led during both sets while Bako/Vasas did not find the antidote.

“Although mixed doubles is not really my category, with Banyik it was a huge success and with my defence, and his smashes we were a great team.” – said Acs.

Mixed doubles final

Banyik/Acs (HUN) – Bako/Vasas (HUN) 2:0 (-7,-5)

Maja Umicevic and Nikola Mitro fought against Amelie Julian & Hugo Rabeux for the bronze. The French side follows the Serbians at the mixed doubles World Ranking with only 400 points less. However, the difference increased as Mitro/Umicevic triumphed in two.

At the last final of Sunday in Madrid, Banyik returned alongside with Katz as the favourites of this tier. On the other side, freshly silver medallist in mixed doubles, Bako also re-entered the court for his second matchup, this time with Blazsovics who finished second in men’s singles final.

Both squads did not let any set to their opponents on the road to the final. The ultimate contest kicked-off with magnificent rallies, the sports’s best serves and multiple great saves. Although in the second set the two Adams fought back and seemed to have chance to return to the throne after Naples in 2022, Banyik/Katz overpowered their tactics and closed the game.

“Even though our challengers fought well, especially in the second set where they performed at least at 150%, we stayed calmed and focused which paid off in the final period. Further, we were super motivated to get Katz’s 10th FITEQ trophy.” – clarified Banyik.

Men’s doubles final

Banyik/Katz (HUN) – Bako/Blazsovics (HUN) 2:1 (-9,6-,-4)

For the bronze, Balazs Velkey & Soma Cseri beat the Alan Galecki and Marek Pokwap duo.

The next Teqball event will be held in Podgorica, Montenegro as the final occasion of the qualification series of the European Games.

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