Sport Integrity

Equality and Anti-Discrimination

The inherent values of sport are those of a universal language of respect, diversity, inclusivity and openness to others.  FITEQ rejects discrimination in any form and whilst some forms of discrimination may be less evident, FITEQ is committed to raising awareness, to challenging discriminatory behaviours, attitudes and policies, be it age, birth or any other status, disability, homophobia, gender reassignment, language, marital status, political or other opinion, national or social origin, racism, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation, wealth or any other reason.

To address barriers within the culture of sport and redress existing discrimination, FITEQ provides strong and informed leadership, robust policies and procedures with a commitment to equality.  All FITEQ parties should feel valued, respected and receive equal opportunities, to enable the sport to thrive, develop and bring out positive, meaningful equality in teqball.

FITEQ prides itself on being a forward thinking, inclusive and innovative International Federation, committed to tackling discrimination.  FITEQ recognises its responsibility to maximise the positive influence teqball through its globally renowned ambassadors to promote equality in sport and to demonstrate there is no place for exclusion or discrimination in teqball.