Sport Integrity

The Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is the is the pillar of the FITEQ Integrity framework, outlining the values of FITEQ and laying the foundation for the supplementary policies. This code represents the highest norms of ethics.

As such, FITEQ is fully committed to promoting and safeguarding Teqball’s values worldwide.  As custodian of the sport, FITEQ has adopted the Code of Ethics to establish clear ethical standards, based on the principles of the IOC Code of Ethics (which respect the fundamental principle of Olympism).

To protect the integrity and reputation of Teqball from harms caused as a result of illegal, immoral or unethical practices or methods, this Code of Ethics sets out the governance framework and best practice for integrity policies and procedures at international and national levels. 

Breaches and violations of the Code of Ethics and/or an Integrity Policy are managed by the FITEQ Disciplinary Policy which also sets out FITEQ’s commitment to encouraging feedback to improve our integrity programmes and whistleblowing to ensure potential integrity breaches and allegations can be addressed promptly.

Who the Code of Ethics applies to?

The Code of Ethics governs any conduct of persons directing, supporting and participating in Teqball. 

All FITEQ personnel, its member bodies, athletes, coaches, officials and other relevant personnel are required to adhere to and apply the values of the Code of Ethics, and to undertake to disseminate FITEQ’s culture of ethics and integrity within their respective areas of competence.

When does the Code of Ethics apply?

Compliance with the FITEQ Code of Ethics shall apply in the following circumstances:

  • FITEQ, national member bodies, athletes, administrators and officials at all times;
  • FITEQ participants throughout each international and national event for which they are accredited;
  • Organising Committees/Major Event Organisers for any FITEQ or member body accredited event;
  • Cities and/or officials taking part in any bidding or candidature procedures of FITEQ;
  • Any other persons who agree in writing at the request of FITEQ to be bound by the Code of Ethics or who are bound by virtue of FITEQ Rules applying to them, including persons seeking to become officials or participants.

What is the purpose?

FITEQ Code of Ethics is a comprehensive Code underpinned by a series of associated policies. It aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Clearly define expected levels of behaviour, decision making and consequences;
  • Maintain the highest level of ethical standards in the governance and administration of the sport, to secure the long-term health and prosperity of Teqball at all levels;
  • Protect everyone associated with Teqball both on and off the court, (i.e. athletes, officials, affiliated bodies, clubs, national federations, player agents, related parties) from harms;
  • Establish and reinforce FITEQ’s authority to tackle corruption including doping within the sport;
  • Ensure FITEQ parties conduct themselves with the highest standard of honesty, impartiality, equity and integrity when undertaking their duties and responsibilities;
  • Safeguard and enhance the reputation of Teqball to positively promote and develop the sport globally;
  • Foster public confidence in FITEQ as guardians of the sport;

What topics are covered by the Code of Ethics?

The Code of Ethics covers four key values:   fairness, integrity, responsibility, respect.

These values are set out in three pillars of integrity:  Integrity of Conduct, Integrity of Competition, Integrity of Governance.

In addition, the Code of Ethics outlines the practical mechanism of integrity (Section E – Implementation), the consequences of violations, and the disciplinary and appeals mechanism.

To deliver the Code of Ethics, FITEQ has developed specific integrity policies setting out in detail expected standards and protections for: