Sport Integrity

Safeguarding and Welfare

Ensuring “participants’ conditions of safety, well-being and medical care are favourable to their physical and mental equilibrium” is a fundamental principle of the IOC Code of Ethics, together with respect for international conventions on protecting human rights insofar as they apply to sport (specifically Olympic Games activities) and which ensure:

  • Respect for human dignity and human rights
  • Rejection of discrimination of any kind on whatever grounds (as set out in the FITEQ Equality and Anti-Discrimination Policy) and
  • Rejection of all forms of harassment and abuse, be it physical, professional or sexual, and any physical or mental injuries.

The welfare of all participants and well-being of the FITEQ family, above commercial interests, is a priority for FITEQ; enjoyment of the sport is paramount.  Compliance with applicable laws must be ensured, especially those aimed at the prevention of harassment and abuse in sport, but also general law principles, including criminal laws.

Promotion of safeguarding, welfare and human rights policies in practice is strengthened by involving a broad spectrum of teqball participants, in particular athletes.  Additionally, FITEQ policies and procedures can support and align with external national organisations and law enforcement agencies to strengthen the landscape and effectiveness of safeguarding, welfare and human rights in the sport.  In this way, FITEQ policies and procedures will:

  • Associate with organisations with experience of dealing with harassment and abuse,
  • Extend the reach of welfare and human rights standards through the sport to protect participants from any form of abuse and exploitation.

Active promotion of clear and unambiguous policies in safeguarding, welfare and human rights is essential to establish teqball’s reputation in protecting athletes and the sports environment it operates in.  Sport is an attractive environment because of its association with health, fitness, dedication to training and performance.  Sadly, it may also be attractive for the wrong reasons, for people who operate by questionable standards, whose intention is to do harm, to exploit or abuse.  These people have no place in the sport of teqball.  FITEQ has put in place its portfolio of policies under the Code of Ethics to advise and guide participants, to enforce regulations and to discipline those who violate a policy.