Sport Integrity

What is sport integrity?

The word integrity means to be whole and undivided but also the quality of being honest with strong moral principles. In sport, this means the manifestation of the ethics and values which promote confidence in sports, including positive conduct by its members and community. Hence, the purpose of the sport integrity framework is to protect teqball against illegal and immoral activities.

The general discussion around sport integrity includes words like fairness, inclusivity, honesty, trust, values, ethics, morals, beliefs, respect and fairness. Traditionally, the sport integrity also includes subjects such as doping, match-fixing, corruption, or cheating.

However, there are countless examples of what is a violation of sport integrity. Thus, the best way to think about sport integrity, is to think about what behavior or action may impact people’s positive experience of the sport or negatively impact the values of the sport. In other words, if you do not wish to be treated that way, also refrain from doing it. Yet, as sport integrity is more complex than that, it is important that at the very least, FITEQ members are informed about these issues.

The FITEQ sport integrity framework includes the following policies that aim to keeping the sport honest: