Sport Integrity

What is corruption in sport?

Corruption undermines society and has detrimental consequences on all sphere of life.  In sport, corruption sends a devastating message particularly amongst young people by undermining the capability of sport to be a force for good.  Corruption and fraud in sport jeopardise the core values of sport and its social, cultural and educational values and undermine its economic significance.

Corruption in sport ultimately exists because of the ability to make significant financial profit by betting on the result or a particular characteristic of the match when the outcome has been predetermined by illegitimate conduct. Betting occurs both legally and illegally, where some markets have regulated betting. It also takes places at a range of levels from small scale to large scale international crime syndicates.

Advancements in digital technology, social media, popularity, television, the number and form of matches and the expansion of betting markets has created a significant increase in the amount, sophistication and different types of bet being placed on the game.

These developments raise the potential for persons not associated with the game to attempt to corrupt persons within the sport and for persons in the sport to seek to financially gain from corrupt gambling. 

The integrity of sport depends upon the outcome of sporting events and competitions being fair and determined wholly on the competing merits of the athletes involved. Any form of corruption that may undermine public confidence in the integrity of a sporting contest is fundamentally contrary to the spirit of the sport and must be eliminated at all costs.

Thus, the Anti-Corruption Policy outlines the framework FITEQ applies in the fight against corruption.