Sport Integrity

What is the FITEQ Disciplinary Policy?

The FITEQ Disciplinary Policy is the mechanism that enforces the FITEQ sport integrity framework. Other than the identified objectives below, the policy aims to protect all FITEQ members from violations of the sport integrity framework.

Thus, the objective of the Disciplinary Policy is to provide for assessment, reporting, fair and effective investigation, and as required, prosecution of violations of the FITEQ Code of Ethics and/or any element of FITEQ’s integrity pillars of Conduct, Competition and Governance, as set out in the supporting policies of Equality and Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Corruption, Safeguarding and Welfare. 

Anti-Doping is dealt with through a specific policy and procedures in compliance with the World Anti-Doping Code; notwithstanding those further violations arising under an integrity policy may be dealt with under the relevant policy.

The purpose of the Disciplinary Policy is:

  • Provide accountable, transparent disciplinary processes that allow an alleged offender the right to a timely, fair impartial hearing;
  • Initiate intelligence gathering and credible investigation processes
  • Identify major threats to the integrity of FITEQ and respond responsibly to contain them
  • Maintain confidence in FITEQ’s ability to receive information in confidence and act appropriately
  • Establish the competence of the FITEQ Ethics and Disciplinary Committee
  • Protect, respect and safeguard the integrity and personal dignity of FITEQ parties

The policy outlines the following areas:

  • Confidential reporting of violations
  • Procedural rules
  • Investigation of breaches
  • Fair hearing
  • Notification of decisions
  • Types of sanctions
  • Appeal mechanism
  • Effect of decisions