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Interview: Adrian Duszak

Adrian Duszak is one of teqball’s leading stars, using his freestyle football background to dominate on the Teq table.


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Interview: Korean Teqball Association

Korean Teqball Association President Yoo Song-geun is leading South Korea’s development of the world’s fastest growing sport.


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FITEQ announces return to 12 point scoring system

The International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) has published an update to its Official Rules and Regulations.


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FITEQ World Rankings update

FITEQ will issue an update of its World Rankings following the return of international teqball competitions.


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FITEQ to launch education programme to drive teqball growth in Asia

FITEQ is set to launch an education programme in Asia to support the ongoing growth of teqball.


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FITEQ announces major investment in the sport through club development programme

FITEQ has launched a worldwide club development programme targeted at supporting the teqball family during and after the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Interview with Marius Vizer Jr, General Secretary of FITEQ

Marius Vizer Jr is the General Secretary and an Executive Board member of FITEQ. Vizer Jr has been part of the FITEQ family from the outset.


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Interview: Ajay Nwosu (LA TEQERS)

Ajay Nwosu is driving the growth of teqball in the USA, where the former professional footballer has ambitious plans for the sport.


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Interview: Czech Teqball Federation

The Czech Republic is one of Europe’s fastest growing teqball markets, with the President of the Czech National Teqball Federation Vlastimil Baca.


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Interview: Carolyn Greco and Nancy Avesyan

Carolyn Greco and Nancy Avesyan are leading the way for the next generation of female teqers in the US.


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World Champion Blazsovics tops FITEQ all-time prize money list

FITEQ today published the lists of prize money awarded to athletes across all FITEQ events in 2018, 2019 and 2020, as well as an all-time Top 20 Prize Money List.


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FITEQ freezes membership payments during COVID-19 crisis

The FITEQ Executive Board has frozen membership payments as part of its ongoing effort to support the teqball family throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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FITEQ surpasses landmark milestone of 50 National Federations

The International Federation of Teqball (FITEQ) has surpassed the significant milestone of recognising 50 National Teqball Federations.


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Interview: French Teqball Federation

France was one of the first members of the teqball family and is one of only two countries to host the Teqball World Championships having hosted in Reims in 2018.


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Interview: Malaysian Teqball Federation

The Malaysian Teqball Federation was established in 2018 by President Siva Kumar Jakarathan KJ who has used his business, marketing and event management experience.


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Teqball family pledges ongoing assistance during COVID-19 crisis

Teqball co-founder and FITEQ Vice President György Gattyán is leading the teqball family’s response to the current COVID-19 crisis.


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Interview: Polish Teqball Federation

Poland is one of the fastest growing teqball markets in the world, with new players and fans engaging with the sport every day.


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FITEQ launch active esport app SQILLER

FITEQ has launched interactive app SQILLER in France, Hungary, Italy, Spain and the UK, merging artificial intelligence (AI) and teqball skills to create an active esport


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FITEQ holds productive meetings in Trinidad and Tobago

FITEQ continued its efforts to grow teqball all over the world with a visit to Trinidad and Tobago at the beginning of March.


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Global football stars join world champion teqers in playing teqball to keep active

Brazilian internationals Marcelo, David Luiz and Douglas Costa are amongst the high-profile names to have posted their teqball practice on social media over the past week